About us
The factory was established in 2015; Having 20 production lines

The prefabricated integrated wall/roof system has four flagship products
The prefabricated integrated wall/ceiling system is mainly aimed at improving the traditional mode of insufficient materials, cumbersome customized production, time-consuming and labor-intensive installation, manual production, and multiple on-site woodworking methods in existing wall systems.
Prefabricated wall/ceiling systems have the advantages of conserving natural resources and environmental protection, meeting the requirements of sustainable development and circular economy. They are currently widely promoted as green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving building materials worldwide.
Our company focuses on the research and production of wood plastic materials. Based on waterproof, moldy, insect proof, non deformable, and non cracking wood plastic materials, we can achieve zero formaldehyde environmental protection requirements. We combine various shapes of wood plastic panels and decorative lines for installation, and use decorative materials such as marble, wood, wall paper, and paint on the surface to achieve any combination of indoor decoration, with diverse styles, fast installation, beautiful decoration, and unified functions.
Applicable scope:
Light steel villas, home decoration, schools, hotels, tea houses, KTVs, long and short rental apartments, fine decoration of houses, and places that require suspended ceiling and wall decoration.
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